Paintings | Sylvia Gilman | Cambridge, MA | (617) 876-9189

My paintings are an interaction between the real and the imagined. I have spent many long hours on location painting scenes, but also much time in my studio letting the subconscious take over. Some paintings are based on photographs with compositional re-arrangement for dramatic effect. I am especially dedicated to peace and justice issues, along with preserving the environment.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I view birds, plants and animals as part of my community, so I often include them in my work. My wildlife paintings are meant to celebrate the strength and wisdom inherent to the natural world, but also the environment’s vulnerability in the face of human development. Often plants and animals serve as symbols in my peace paintings.

The creative process is ever one of making discoveries. I shall always find inspiration from the rich variety of subjects and themes that surround us, and I hope to convey to my viewers that sense of joy in discovery through the language of paint.