Illustrations | Sylvia Gilman | Cambridge, MA | (617) 876-9189

"A picture is worth a thousand words," or so the saying goes. Illustrations have the power to convey at a glance a whole range of ideas. Often rendered very fast, they may capture fleeting moments. Or a sense of timelessness.

Lake Winnipesaukee means "the smile of the Great Spirit." This merganser duck would swim by trice a day, always taking a respite on the rock out front. The above drawing, 22 X 28" framed, in black Prismacolor pencil on fine quality 100% rag paper, is one of a sequence of four.

I often bring my sketchbook to concerts, lectures, and other happenings. I like to call this live recording of events "pictorial journalism." While the camera is highly useful on many occasions, an illustration can edit, emphasize, dramatize, or enhance in its own special way.

I have always drawn and painted a wide range of subjects, whether a client's home, an automobile repair shop, an orchestra onstage, a book about life in a mining town, or a foliage festival poster. At this time in our nation's history, I’m particularly interested in social justice and political causes, and recently illustrated a flyer about saving a silver maple forest.

New ideas and collaborations are most welcome!